Earning on SEO

Earning on SEO

In this article, I want to review methods that I used to earn money on web pages.

Content creation

I identified 2 ways of creating content:

  • old style - hiring cheap content writers. On freelancer.com it cost around $10 to outsource the writing of a cheap article. Of course, the quality of this article is questionable. I am not even sure if it has been written or if was it copied and rephrased from other sources.

  • new style - Chat GPT. I tried to use Chat GPT-3.5. It cost around $0.08 per article (I connected the output of Chat GPT into a longer article).
    Warning: there are some methods to detect if an article was generated by AI. I saw some tools, but they did not detect articles written by Chat GPT-3.5. I still did not test it with Chat GPT-4.0


Everybody thinks that Google is a smart company. From my experience, it can be cheated a little bit.
Warning: the search algorithm is constantly changing. Maybe one day they will be really smart...

The easiest way to grow in Google ranking (from my perspective/experience) is:

  • build a page,

  • Buy backlinks to your page. Personally, I use the Black Hat Seo forum. I use it for low and medium-quality pages. I would not use it for really high-quality pages, because I would be afraid of how Google will react.

    Later you can see who is linking by using ahrefs.com (free or paid) or other tools.
    Of course, you should read more about SEO techniques. For example how to build "tier links". SEO itself is some kind of art and I will not cover techniques here.

Earning money - naive method

The average person will advise you to join the Ad-Sense program. But let's be honest, it provides poor results, For example:

(I added a censored screenshot from the ad-sense program. I am sorry for censoring, but I did not want to show the original language. I care about my privacy)

Having around 1_500 visitors per day provides around $67,50 per month. For some it is a lot of money, for me, it is not paying back the cost of buying links.

Special programs

You may increase profit from your pages, using some special programs, eg. nutriprofits.com (I do not advertise them - no referral link in HTML). Let's be honest, programs like that are scams. They sell:

  • tables for errection,

  • tables for bodybuilders,

  • tables for losing weight,

  • tablets for fresh breath,

  • tablets for breast augmentation,

  • tables for every stupid thing in the world ;)

The advantage of it is the fact, that if somebody buys a product, you may get $15-$50 for a single sale. This makes the game profitable.

For the same page presented in the example of Ad-Sense, the income was $1_000 per month.

You may think, that it is a great way to earn money. From the examples, that I saw, it looks ridiculous. You may earn $10k on the page, but you need to spend $9k on new links. It can also happen, that pages built over the years may go down in the ranking, because of algorithm changes in Google. You may be addicted to buying more and more links...


The creation of SEO pages is a time-consuming process. Growing pages in a natural way, require a lot of effort: building valuable content cost a lot of money. Collecting links from other pages takes years...

Here I show fast track: generating/outsourcing page, buying links (in an intelligent way) and also waiting years (but a smaller amount). Then participate in scam programs and earn money.


Do you have a good idea of how to earn money in the SEO business? Please, let me know :)


Let me know in the comments, what you think about this topic!

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