Pendrive trap

Pendrive trap

In the past, I started to build a pen drive trap. The idea is simple. You drop a pen drive in public places (maybe in places where there are rich people or people connected with cryptocurrencies). The purpose is to make a person insert pendrive and install my software.


My plan was to put some hot pictures of amateur women, so men would think that he found the holy grail of men kind ;) Inside I wanted to put some zip folders with more hot pictures. And suddenly, one executable file can be clicked by mistake.

Executable file

I created a Windows application, that would add itself to Autostart and each time you copy-paste something would check if it is a Bitcoin address. If yes, replace it with my address.

Windows Security

Windows has many security mechanisms that would stop your program to connect with internet. I thought that the easiest attachment would be controlling the clipboard.

I also need to admit, that I am not Windows user for the last 15 years. I simply do not have modern knowledge of how Windows Security works nowadays.


This idea got a big problem with scaling. Buying a bunch of old pen drives on auction costs and takes time. Imagine that your attack has a 1% success rate and imagine 100 pen drives. The cheapest pendrive I've found on Amazon cost $3. So this kind of attack also would be pretty expensive ($300 per victim, with a 1% success rate).


What do you think about this kind of attack?

What kind of valuable things could be stolen in this kind of attack? Let me know!


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